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sulphonated castor oil

sulphonated castor oil
sulphonated castor oil
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Product Specification

Turkey Red oil is chemically sulphated castor oil. It is a liquid of varying viscosity  

and physical characteristics. Soluble in water and available in various grades 50%,  

60%, & 70% according to the product sulfated.

 ** Turkey Red Oil  50% **

Application :-
  •  White Disinfectant Products.
  • Textile Auxiliaries
  • Pharmaceuticals.
  • Agriculture as organic manure.
  • Paper industry for deforming.
  • Cosmetics as emulsifiers.
  • Paints and inks as lubricants.

** Turkey Red Oil  70% **

Application :-

  • As a softner for Sizing in the textile industry.

  • For Vat and Napthol dyeing of cellulose.

  • As an anionic wetting agent and emulsifier.

  • As a defoamer in Sugar, Paper and Brewery industry.

  • As an Emulsifier in the pesticide industry.

  • As an Additive in the lubricant and petroleum industry.

  • Also used extensively in the Rubber, Ball bearing and leather industries.

  • Also used for cleaning floors

** Turkey Red Oil  30% **

Application :-

 TRO 30% is generally used in soap industries.

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