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Turkey red oil supplier india

Turkey red oil supplier india
Turkey red oil supplier india
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Product Specification
Turkey Red oil is chemically sulphated castor oil. It is a liquid of varying viscosity  

and physical characteristics. Soluble in water and available in various grades 50%,  

60%, & 70% according to the product sulfated.

 ** Turkey Red Oil  50% **
Application :-

     White Disinfectant Products.
    Textile Auxiliaries
    Agriculture as organic manure.
    Paper industry for deforming.
    Cosmetics as emulsifiers.
    Paints and inks as lubricants.

** Turkey Red Oil  70% **

Application :-

    As a softner for Sizing in the textile industry.

    For Vat and Napthol dyeing of cellulose.

    As an anionic wetting agent and emulsifier.

    As a defoamer in Sugar, Paper and Brewery industry.

    As an Emulsifier in the pesticide industry.

    As an Additive in the lubricant and petroleum industry.

    Also used extensively in the Rubber, Ball bearing and leather industries.

    Also used for cleaning floors

** Turkey Red Oil  30% **

Application :-

 TRO 30% is generally used in soap industries.

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